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Friday, January 30, 2009


The day I went into labor I had a brilliant idea. I actually considered blogging while in labor, that's how excited I was about this idea. Here goes... (luckily, I just spelled "goes" right. The other day I spelled it "gos." In Carver's baby book. In permanent marker. I'm already starting to lose my mind.)

Inspired by the current state of our country's economy and the current state of our family's income (I'm not working anymore), I have been trying to think of new and creative ways to save money. I've gotten really into it. I've been checking out the Publix weekly ad before I go shopping and Ethan and I are back on a cash budget, which really helps. Mostly, we just tend to go overboard with eating out, so as long as we watch that habit, we're okay. I've gotten so into the idea of saving money that after I boiled eggs the other day I went into this whole narrative in my head in a fragile voice about how we should use the left over hot water for little Timmy's bath. Alright, enough about my craziness, and on with the fun!

I will give a very cool, very homemade prize to the person who submits the best money-saving tip, by way of comment or email ( by February 15th. It will be a little celebration of Carver's 1 month birthaverssary. Of course I will post all submitted ideas so that we can all benefit, so bring em on!!!

I'll give an example. I think my mom told me my Aunt Mary used to do this: cut coupons and use the money saved (or money saved through store sales) to put towards a special savings account like vacation, Christmas or Ikea fund. Now that I think about it, sounds more like Aunt Bobbi.

While we're at it, my friend Erik writes a personal finance blog. Check it out. He is very wise and has a solid plan about getting rid of debt.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We may be parents, but who said we're grown-ups?

We decided to name all of McCarverton's stuffed animals after different characters from The Office. We kind of stole the idea from the Lokkesmoes, inadvertently. Olen has a "Jerry." I can't really say what the animal is actually supposed to be, but I know its stuffed and I know he can't put it down. Jerry's name came from Seinfeld. We thought we would name all of Carver's toys and he could pick his own favorite. There's a sailor bird named Creed, a big bear named Kevin, a funny looking lion who is Oscar, a white polar bear, Phyllis, a very attractive lion named Jim Halpert and all pacifiers from here on out will be referred to as Michael.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Carver with a V

It has already started. Name confusion, that is. I know its our fault for giving our son a last name for a first name. Also, Carter is a wonderful name, its just not his. Stonebrook isn't our last name either, and people often think it is. To give us more insight on this subject, I give you Tim Meadows and Tina Fey (watch the first minute or so).

Fastest 2 Weeks Of My Life

I keep thinking of great blogs to write. I title them, write a note to myself in the text box and save them. There are a handful of unfinished ones saved as drafts right now. But I realize you, my faithful followers cannot wait any longer. So I will sacrifice wit and just tell you what the Stonerook household has been up to.

Last night Carver had his first fully submerged bath. His umbilical cord is still hanging around, but the nurse midwife said its fine to get it wet (even though books tell you not to). He really liked it! Especially compared to a sponge bath which leaves him cold and fussy.

He has been awake all day today! Normally he is awake from 10-noon and again in the evening. I hope this means lots of sleep tonight!

We (Carver & I) breastfeed for about 6-8 hours a day.

Ethan has tomorrow and next Wednesday off! Yay!

Have to go put in my hours. More soon.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Name

How do you like the new title? Its half a bitter response to an unproductive brainstorming session and I'm half serious about keeping it. See, I never wanted to sound too bloggy (if you don't believe me, just read my first entry) so I was just going for something simple. I'll take any suggestions. The point is, my belly button has reappeared and Carver's is just waiting for the umbilical stub to fall off. Ethan's is probably full of lint. He lets me collect it sometimes. I wish I had chosen a more timeless html like Oh well. Lesson learned. By the way, I'm working on a full account of the labor story, don't you worry. Its just my writing sessions are more limited these days.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


One fun thing we've been doing with Carver is praying when he sneezes. I always say "God bless you," so I thought, why not pray for a specific blessing? Today we prayed for his education, his involvement in sports, his breastfeeding and several other things. He sneezes a lot and its really cute.

A couple of today's bummers:
Carver peed on our bed.
I had a horrible tummy ache and a fever.

A few of today's highlights:
Ethan called the doctor and its normal to have a high temperature when your milk comes in. Also, I realized I hadn't eaten in 7 hours and a little apple juice and toast made me feel much better.
Watching the inauguration and feeling so proud to bring Carver into life in this country.
A trip to the post office where C got to meet Devon.
Breastfeeding in the Publix parking lot (inside the car of course).


Monday, January 19, 2009

Breastfeeding Makes Me Thirsty

And hungry.

I walked from Carver's room to the bathroom while nursing him, peed and even did a one-hand wash. I thought to myself, after 5 days this must make me a pro. Then I sat down on the glider and realized I hadn't pulled my underwear up. 


He already has so many:
Jelly bean
Bean sprout
Quiver fish (for this tiny sucking that he does)
Hemertomer (for the hematoma on his head)
Bull Jr.

Sam Putnam thought of a brazillion funny ones that I can't remember, but the list included Carvin the Martian.

One of my favorites that I've been calling him is my little king. Today I realized the acronym for that is MLK. How fitting. He was born on Martin Luther King Jr.'s actual birthday, too. I think this little one has great things ahead of him. 

Let's Take An Intermission

I love how Young Life, the Christian ministry Ethan and I volunteer with uses humor as a way to break barriers with kids. A couple weekends ago at a YL camp in Ocala, my friends put this philosophy to use. I think we can all now see why Young Life is a tier above all other ministries.* Even if you don't know the 3 Chrises (Christin Chiles, Chris James-area director and Chris Lawhorne) who did program for Southwind College Weekend, you will appreciate why I watched this video three times in a row while nursing Carver tonight. Its worth it to watch til the end.

Also, I got teary reading Corduroy tonight. I guess the hormones are sticking around for a while.

*please note, I'm joking here

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Carver!

January 15th, 12:14 AM: best moment of my life.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Bye Bye Due Date

Thank you so much to all of you who have been calling, checking up on us, giving us diapers, making us food, letting us hold your newborn, going on walks and keeping me entertained! I feel so spoiled! I can't even imagine what it will be like when Carver is actually here. We are truly surrounded by community.

Full moon and all, Carver's due date has come and gone...
I'm still having Braxton Hicks contractions, especially at 3:30 AM. Harvey (my uterus) just loves to wake me up in the middle of the morning with one really strong contraction then, followed by 4 or 5 more about every 10 minutes. They get progressively lighter until I am back asleep.

I wish I could tell you some funny story about kids at school eating their boogers or my water breaking in the middle of the store, but you should probably just read Aly's blog until I have some news or at least some new material. If you're into crafts, you might be interested in my recent projects. I'll post pictures soon. See ya!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

On The Up And Up

One of my favorite things about going to our church is taking communion every Sunday. Actually, its not just one of my favorites, and its not just about church... communion might just be my very favorite thing about life. I can't fully describe the beauty of it, but each time I go up and kneel at the altar, listening to William and Annie play the guitar/piano, I feel the sun shine through the stained glass window onto my shoulders and truly experience God's presence. I feel like I can hold my hands out, offer God all my messed upness and He gives me blessings in return. Mmmm. So this Sunday, like all the others since I've been pregnant, Father Ron went down the line, passing out communion wafers, and paused when he got to me. He always puts his hand on my head and prays a special blessing over Carver. Well, Sunday he prayed that I would have patience. I just laughed out loud. I couldn't/can't think of one thing I need more of right now.

Its been working, too. For a while I felt like I was at a point of giving up, ignoring all my friends and family that have been calling to check up on me, not showering, not even watching 30 Rock on DVD, just hiding under my covers until my water broke. But, oddly enough, now that my due date is only 4 days away, I feel like a load has been lifted, the urgency is gone and I could wait as long as it takes to hold this little one. I'm not saying it isn't a tease when I have contractions from 3-4:30AM, just that the thought of getting up in a couple hours to eat the banana bread I made pulls me through.

I went to my doctor today and all is looking well. Carver is still well-poised, ready to go. His heart beat sounded great (even though he had hiccups) and Mama is about 1cm dialated. We talked "worse case scenario" and the latest she will let me go is around 10 days past my due date. By then I say bring on the pitocin!

Shout outs to mom-in-law Ronda for driving to Gainesville tomorrow to spend the day with me and to Mr. & Mrs. Sweet Dreams for setting aside my very own pint of Mayan Chocolate ice cream! I didn't even have to ask.

Monday, January 5, 2009


Apparently, nesting happens to most ladies at the end of their pregnancy. I used to think it just meant the urge to decorate the baby's room, buy cute stuff and get the house ready for when baby comes home. Then I read that when it really kicks in, moms get a sudden burst of energy and want to clean everything, organize to a T and get a little OCD, like methodically re-landscaping or dusting the blinds at 4AM.

Well, besides the urge I had to pick all the Spanish moss off our chain-link fence (which I did not give in to), I have been experiencing a different sort of nesting urge. This kind involves me making a nest out of my blankets and pillows, curling up and sleeping the day away. So, sorry if I didn't answer when you called, but I was probably asleep. Out of the past 72 hours, I've spent 40 sleeping, 10 eating, 10 walking and the other 12 contracting (during which I was planning out future eating/walking).

Also, I am so mad at Facebook right now. I used to love it, then I started having a hard time posting pictures, now I can't read what people write on my wall.


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Lots Of Contractions, No Baby

In other news, I've been getting lots of sleep (yes!!!), revisiting my beloved hobby of Ikea window shopping (computer windows, that is), walking all over Gainesville, budgeting (this is also something that oddly enough, I love to do), dreaming about all the trips we will take with baby C, watching a lot of 30 Rock and standing in Carver's room starring at all his stuff until I remind myself too much of the crazy lady who kidnaps a baby in Raising Arizona.

I'm going to go rearrange the living room. Happy New Year!